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Indo-US Symposium on Recent Advances in Magnetism and Spintronics

Indo-US Symposium on Recent Advances in Magnetism and Spintronics

IIT Bombay

February 5-6, 2018

Venue: Hall No. 21, Second Floor, VMCC Building
Registration at 9 am on Feb 5 at the venue.

Notice: Accommodation for all Boys will be in Hostel 16 (Tower near Sameer Building, Hill Side) and for Girls, it is in Hostel 10 (Girls' Hostel, central area). If you are arriving in the day time, please get the key from the Hall manager's office. If your arrival is in the night, please contact security person at the hostel. You can take breakfast on 5,6, and 7th in the Hostel Mess. Dinner for 4th and 6th is also arranged in the Hostel Mess.

About the Symposium

The topic of magnetism and spintronics has emerged as one of the most important areas in condensed matter physics, with both fundamental and applied interests. Advances in the field of nano science and technology have also led to many exciting developments in this area. Both India and US have a large number of researchers working in this area and hence a get-together of them on a common platform is expected to be quite beneficial for scientists working on these topics. Eight scientists from US and 10 from India will give invited lectures on various aspects in this symposium.


Dr. Robert Shull (plenary) (NIST, USA)

Prof. Bethanie Stadler (University of Minnesota, USA)

Dr. Axel Hoffmann (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)

Prof. Arun Gupta (University of Alabama, USA)

Dr. Peter Fischer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

Prof. J. Ping Liu (University of Texas, USA)

Prof. Sara Majetich (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Prof. Hari Srikanth (University of South Florida, USA)

Prof. S. M. Yusuf (BARC, India)

Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar (IISc., India)

Prof. Ratnamala Chatterjee (IITD, India)

Prof. A. Srinivasan (IITG, India)

Prof. Ajaya Kumar Nayak (NISER, India)

Prof. R. Gopalan (ARCI, India)

Dr. A. Barman (SNBNCBS, India)

Prof. S. Majumdar (IACS, India)

Prof. A. Alam (IITB, India)

Dr. P. A. Joy (NCL, India)

What is the registration fees for the conference?

4000 INR

Who is eligible for the conference?

Senior Research Fellows and Post Doctoral Fellows from Indian institutes and Universities.

What is the last date for registration

31st of October, 2017